Our ice cream is available for purchase in 5 litre containers. Select your favourite flavour or flavours from our selection. All orders by default will be available for pick up at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market this Sunday. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference and/or a print out of your order receipt.

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Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Myrtle is the "Queen of the Lemon herbs" with an exquisite flavour and fragrance of lemon and lime with a hint of lemon grass. The ice cream will complement most culinary delights on a menu. This ice cream has been designed for those people who are on a fitness plan, watching their weight, are diabetic or simply want a healthy fresh fruit taste. We have developed a family owned technology that creates the full-cream texture of a premium icecream but with a low fat content and the sugar (sucrose) replaced with soluble fibres and the polyols, Maltitol and Xylitol, which have a very low glycemic index.
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