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Saltbush & Caramel Icecream

is Australia’s answer to real ice cream.  Our products are free from preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours, gluten and gelatine and carrageenan thickeners. Saltbush & Caramel Icecream is a specialty icecream which is normally available all year around. Customers can buy it during the Royal Adelaide Show and find us at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market each and every Sunday.

Our Icecream is free of preservatives, artificial flavours/colours, gluten and gelatine and carrageenan thickeners.

Did you Know

Saltbush and Caramel icecream is one of our most popular flavours amongst adults and children. Using the dried ground up Salt-bush flakes combined with caramel brings you one of the most unique icecream flavours you have ever tried.

Old man saltbush is one of the most common forage shrubs used in southern Australia. It provides a useful forage resource particularly in times when other feed is scare and has been planted on both saline and non-saline soils. Its drought tolerance has allowed it to be grown in areas of particularly low rainfall. It occurs naturally in many parts of the pastoral region and in some cases has been successfully established in these regions.

Whilst old man saltbush will grow in areas receiving less than 300mm of annual rainfall, the chance of successful establishment in these environments without watering is low. However, once established old man saltbush is very tolerant of dry conditions. Old man saltbush occurs naturally on heavier textured soils but will grow on a range of soil types. It is tolerant to saline soils. It does not tolerate water logging. Old man saltbush grows predominately over the warmer months. Growth slows considerably once temperatures drop below 10°C. Old man saltbush is relatively frost tolerant but some leaf damage can occur.

Saltbush & Caramel Icecream