Sunrise Lime (gf,df,sf,v)


This fruit is a cross between a finger lime and a calamondin. The lime flavour, with the aftertaste of cumquat, is crisp and clean with a light floral aroma. On a hot summers day customers flock to get a scoop of this delicate thirst quenching treatr.

Designed for those people who are allergic to dairy products, are vegans or simply want a healthy fresh fruit taste. We have developed a family owned technology that creates a “dairy free icecream” with the full-cream texture of a premium icecream and sugar (sucrose) replaced with souble fibres and the polyols, Maltitol and Xylitol, which have a very low glycemic index.

Our Icecream is free of preservatives, artificial flavours/colours, gluten and gelatine/carrageenan thickeners.

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